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At SilverbacksSEO we know you're the kind of people who gets things done. Task-list masters who want to rock their online marketing & generate more business

In order to be this way, you will need all your ducks (online assets), in a row. Most marketing problems usually lie in the confusing chaos of an online presence. This makes one feel less confident. It even makes one feel pessimistic about a website's ability to convert and get the job done.

We also believe with Google's Zoo of algorithm updates, it's NOT a fair game!

Furthermore, they even activated their Artificial Intelligence (AI) "RankBrain" to continually rig this game.

At SilverbacksSEO we understand that you have your own jobs to do. Being overwhelmed by these choices is not one of them. That's why we want to put you on this money-generating path with our "Truly Sound SEO Plans." They generate traffic and a full understanding of the buying journey.

So Request a callback. Get a meeting with us. Stop wondering if you're wasting your time and money with lackluster results & start seeing your path to success by attracting and converting new leads.

Truly Sound SEO Plans

3 steps to a "Truly Sound SEO Plan", you too can Get Results with SEO
Request A Meeting

Get A Meeting

An exploratory meeting designed to clarify and understand your unique SEO concerns, needs and goals.

Get A Sound SEO Plan

Develop an SEO Plan

You'll receive a comprehensive bulletproof plan to meet your needs and streamline your SEO work-flows

Get A Sound SEO Plan

Launch to the next level

Bask in the glory of such a well oiled Business Machine as you reach your business goals powered by SEO Bliss

How We Work

Get a Free (no obligation) SEO Scan!

Free SEO Scan provided by SilverbacksMedia. Why? Because these things cost me money and That's where I paid for it. ;-)

Our Pricing

Local SEO

For the SMB's that have physical locations that require foot traffic or host clients to close deals. $149/Setup Fee. Starter Pack

$99/per Month
  • Build citations on (25) key sites
  • Maintain citations on up to 70+ key sites
  • Annual Submission to Data Aggregators (4)
  • Clean up existing citations
  • Remove duplicate citations
  • Own and keep your listings

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The Whole Magilla

Everything we got! Fire all guns, non stop until you surpass and dominate your competition. The Whole Flotilla. Our Capital Ships!

$2,749/per Month
  • All of our "Local SEO" Tricks
  • All of our "Organic SEO" Tricks
  • includes Reputation & Review Management ($399/value)
  • and so much more!
  • We may even throw in a kitchen sink ;-)

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